Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

Let's Review

Well, first things first. Thank you for all the comments and emails this week - you know all us bloggers like to know if we're hitting the sweet spot with our posts. If the comments and emails are any indication, this week's posts have tipped you all right over the edge.
You, my Faithful Followers, have concluded that two of my favorite activities are lying around naked and reading,
and lying around and/or floating in the pool - naked
that my buddy and I do indeed need to author a book on Cock
that the majority of you are all comfortable enough to be naked at the gym, on the beach and with friends (if they likewise enjoy being nude).

The weekend is upon us and, whatever your sexual orientation, fling off the garb, fix yourself a favorite beverage, and do whatever it is you most enjoy.
Finally, Bob has told us today is his birthday. And his wish is that his wife give him a blow job.
He's been a Faithful Reader for well, if I'm not mistaken, from the beginning. So, it's our wish for him, too. Happy birthday, buddy!
And if your wife fails to deliver that gift, I'm sure, many of my Faithful Readers would line up to deliver in her stead.
Especially if you would allow them to stroke together while they wait their turn.
Have a wonderful, wood-filled weekend!

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