Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

Pop One - With Caution

Well, I had a topic in hand, er - in mind, based on a buddy's blog post of Wednesday. But this one has to take precedence. We men are curious creatures. We are so wired for sex and we seem to be constantly searching for ways to enhance the experience. Be it by means of new, sometimes anonymous partners, new places to fuck, or risky behavior such as out in public

and glory holes


Yes, folks, some Ladies enjoy the experience, too.
There is nothing wrong in that, so long as we are cognizant of the inherent dangers. But sometimes we trust just a little too much - especially when it comes in the form of commercial products.


Poppers are widely used to enhance sexual pleasure. Though some users claim its ability to relax the sphincter for ease of anal sex, it's an instant high. It's akin to Huffing. Yes, the inhalant chemical provides a buzz, a rush to the brain. One such product even went by that name: Rush. One such product does use Buzz.
But, be wary folks. The new active chemical in these products is causing blindness - sometimes permanent. If you are one of those guys who loves to employ poppers at any point during sex, you must read this article. Read the label carefully. If you find isobutyl nitrite listed, use it with great caution.

Read the full report here: Poppers Maculopathy

Don't risk your health for added thrills during sex and have a great weekend.

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