Selasa, 15 April 2014

Taxes and Testicles


Yes, folks, it's that time again! Tax day in the good old US of A. But, don't forget the other MUST of the day...

Yes, that's right. It's time for that ball check. Give 'em a good once over.


Notice anything odd - a lump or bump that shouldn't be there, a spot that doesn't feel quite as spongy as it should? Make that appointment with your doctor.

Everything looked and felt normal? There's been no unusual ache (super horny doesn't count - besides you should be getting your nuts off on a regular basis!)? Wonderful!

Now, don't forget it's
Buddy Ball Check!
No, straight dudes, that doesn't require you to get up close and personal with your buddy's balls (unless, of course, you want to)
It means you use every system of communication you have available to you to urge all of the males in your life to do the same. Stop being embarrassed. Make the call, do the post on FB, send the text. Testicular cancer can kill! Just one reminder could save a life!

And, all you Ladies out there - you are not exempt from this day. You should be making sure all the males in your household do that ball check. Ask them if they've done it. Nag them until they do. Check them for them if you must.
If you have a Twitter account add the following hashtags: 
#cockinasock #BuddyBallCheck
to help spread the word.

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