Rabu, 16 April 2014

It's OK to Receive

Fellow blogger Buddy Bear over at One Step at a Time made a personal observation that actually applies to most - if not all - men. And, that is we have an awful lot to learn when it comes to receiving sexual pleasure.
Oh, sure, we do a fairly decent job with ourselves when we jack off - it feels good in the moment. And we're enjoying it when we get a quick hand-job or blowjob. But we focus way too much on the finale - the moment we cum.
And, I dare say that straight men are egregiously guilty of this. Guys, when was the last time you allowed yourself to lie back and be serviced? I mean, a long, sensuous session where that geyser shooting high in the air and raining down over your torso in hot, thick splatters was not the point - but the immense pleasure of the trip. 


Our sexual pleasure is so much more than getting our rocks off, but we somehow lose sight of that. Instead, we spend an exorbitant amount of time worried if our partner hits orgasm.
One perfect, beautiful way to experience erotic, sensual pleasure is through Tantric Massage. In the hands of the right masseur (or masseuse) the journey can be awe-inspiring. They can guide you through wave upon wave of pleasure because they understand that there is so much more to experience.



Make the suggestion to your partner/spouse/significant other (whatever the case may be) that every couple of months you trade off total, complete servicing. Pay attention, focus on the hardness of your cock, the way it softens a little bit every so often and then returns to a steel pole, your balls as they elevate and lower, the way your nipples get hard. The way your hips will begin to rock and thrust upward of their own volition as your cockhead gets super sensitive and seeks out sensation. The way your butt cheeks will begin to squeeze together, massaging the prostate, urging it to build up more fluid and rocket it out, spewing blast after spurting blast of jizz.





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