Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

Let's Talk Leakage


Today's post called "Late Night Leakage" over at 420Bate inspired me to write this one. We all think of this as wonderful - clear, slippery pre-cum. For the majority of men, it happens when we're really horny. It happens when we're aroused for a while. When we're young, that wet spot in the crotch of our pants can be embarrassing.

We love to spread it over our cocks, use it as lube when we jack off. It's another wonderful thing nature provided to us to enhance the chances of our swimmers making it to the destination of the egg. But we like it because it greatly enhances our pleasure. There's nothing like spreading that silky smoothness all over the head of our hard-on's. Produced by the Cowper's Glands, this natural lube is hands above the bottled stuff.



But, it can also be a warning sign. If your cock is leaking for no apparent reason - you aren't uber-horny, haven't spent a lot of time playing - it could be an indication of trouble with the plumbing. An infection of the prostate is the typical culprit, but it could be an irritation of the Seminal Vesicles, or infection of your boys, or the Spermatic Cords.


If your cock is leaking like a sieve for no obvious reasons, make an appointment to see your doctor. Not only can the infection worsen and spread through your equipment (perhaps becoming a bladder infection), it can transmit to a playmate. 



We want to share our boners and cum, not infections - right?


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