Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

Take a Minute for Jack

 As many of you may know, our blogger buddy, Jack Scott, had been diagnosed with cancer. It has metastasized. This is why his posts have become sporadic.

Social media can do harm, but it can — and has — done much good. The blogosphere has provided many people with the opportunity to reach their individual goals. The goal for me, here at Big Whack Attack, is to help people get to know the male anatomy: How it works, why it does what it does, to embrace its natural physiology, how to keep it healthy, encourage men to embrace it, love it, be proud of it.

Jack Scott provided an extremely valuable service to the men’s Bisexual world through his two blogs. He helped hundreds (perhaps thousands) work through the issues they faced. And helped many, many wives and girlfriends get a better understanding of what their husbands and boyfriends were going through.

We are saddened because we will miss him. We wish him Godspeed and bid him much love, warmth, and light as he makes this transition to a higher plane. We trust that when he gets there he will find the perfection of balance and peace he sought to provide to so many others.

If you can, please take a quick minute, click on over to one of his blogs and leave a message for him. He may not be able to answer, but he’ll know you cared. And that will mean a lot to him.

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