Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

Many Brothers Do


Yesterday, blogger buddy Queer Heaven, revealed in his post that he and a cousin spent a glorious year jacking and sucking one another off. In his post today, he mentions he got quite a few emails from readers admitting they'd also engaged in sex with a relative. And he wonders if it is indeed common for male siblings and cousins to engage in sexual activity together, and thought perhaps he should do some research.

I can save him the trouble of research on that score. Because, yes, it is indeed very common. As young men discovering the joys of their cocks, it's kind of a natural thing to have happen - particularly if they share a bedroom (as I did with my brother growing up). My brother and I jacked off together all the time (though we never sucked one another's cocks); I jacked off a lot with two cousins (on my mother's side) who were brothers and also jacked off together; my brother jacked off with a cousin on my dad's side. And all of us jacked off with buddies whenever we got the chance.


And, the Visconti triplets (or other porn star siblings) aside, it has no bearing whatsoever on sexual orientation. Just as Queer Heaven's cousin, my brother and all of our cousins are totally straight (to my knowledge), married with kids.

It's total fabrication that mutual masturbation means you are gay or bisexual. It simply means you enjoy jerking off, you readily admit it, and just like any other mutual interest among people, guys will engage in this common activity. There would be hundred's of thousand's of men - perhaps millions - willing to admit it if the fear of being misconstrued and mislabeled was removed.




While not nearly as common, even fathers and sons have been known to jack off together. There are fathers out there who are open enough with their sons to admit they do it, enjoy it, and let their sons know guys jerk off - regardless of relationship status or age. Therefore, they feel there should be no reason to hide it.


B (Courtesy of YourFrenchPatrick)
But, in the end, whittling down to the very basis of our manhood, we are all brothers.

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