Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Bravo, Men!

I'm totally impressed with the response from you guys! Thank you so much.
Straight dudes - You outdid yourselves this time and I'm extremely grateful for that! Sometimes it's difficult, at best, to be honest about this but you were.
As evidenced by a sampling of the responses it's a damn common activity when we're young and plenty who still do - or would if the opportunity, ahem, arose:

"Yes, I have.   It's a blast.  There is an informal group of guys who I meet with once in a while.   It's a mix of young, old, straight, gay, fit, no-so-fit guys.   But even with all of those differences, there is one thing guys have in common - we like to jack off.  And it's a chance to let all the barriers down and just be real with other guys.    Once you have jacked off with another guy, you've reached a level of familiarity than can't be found otherwise.  It's a good feeling."

"...if the opportunity arose I would take it now. But it must be safe..."

"Would I participate in a circle jerk or a buddy jerk……come on??? ABSOLUTELY!! I love my partner and am faithful, but given the chance for a good old buddy circle jerk, partner included or not - I would love it.  Would not consider it cheating either, just good old bro fun."

"I was born with a libido in overdrive. Many circle jerks when we were kids. Would I do it now? In heartbeat. Sadly, many men think that's a gay thing. The type of sex a man has isn't what makes him gay. I masturbate every day, sometimes multiple times. Wife's gone off sex. I'm 73 and as hard and horny now as when I was a kid."

"I dont have any brothers or older cousins that im close enough to have done that, but I have with best friends over the years, and I would totally do it now if I had the opportunity to."

"...I showed my little bro what it was all about (I saw that he'd watched me from outside my bedroom window). Since then have had lots of group sex and will most certainly continue to do so as the opportunity arises :-)"

It's my hope that this might encourage others to admit - even if only to themselves - that guys whacking off together is not indicative of sexual orientation. It's simply an activity which we all have in common, it's pleasurable; it can be a learning experience (particularly when we're young) to see how others derive pleasure, tricks to make that pleasure last longer, and it's fun besides!














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