Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Got Pre?


A couple of requests from Faithful Readers. One asks that I cover the other reasons for Bent Dick Syndrome. I have not forgotten about that and will do a post soon. Another asks about pre-cum - something not all of us are lucky enough to produce in quantity

and some not at all, or so it would appear.

Pre-cum is produced by the two little Cowper's Glands, snuggled down next to the prostate. When we get aroused, these little guys get to work. Women's vaginal secretions, when they get wet from arousal, serve two purposes: One to lubricate the vaginal canal to ease penetration of the penis, the other is to help neutralize and protect sperm. Ours has a similar dual purpose: One to neutralize the acidity left behind after we take a leak,

the other to ease the friction to help speed our seed along its path.

The amount of pre-cum a guy produces is determined by two things. First and foremost by the size of the Cowper's Glands. The second by the level and length of arousal; the more aroused we become, the longer we wait to cum, the more pre-cum produced.


To my knowledge, and from everything I've been able to find, there is nothing a guy can do to increase the amount of pre-cum he produces. As the saying goes, "It is what it is." If you leak buckets, or your cock flows like a faucet left on, consider yourself among the more fortunate.

If you leak very little to none, well... there's a huge selection of lube on store shelves to help you out. The first lube ever mass produced is KY Jelly - used mainly in doctor's offices for examining (ahem) tight places. As medical science realized that some women have an issue with dryness during sexual intercourse it became available on the open market. Now, of course, entrepreneurs realized that guys don't always drool enough pre-cum to make playtime satisfactory and the market for lube exploded. Don't be ashamed - march into the store, pick up a bottle, take it home and enjoy a nice wet, slippery cock!




Reapply as necessary.
 And enjoy!!


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