Rabu, 27 November 2013


Come on in! The water's fine... 

Well, it's time again to welcome a bunch of new followers, all of whom we hope become Faithful Readers as the rest of you are.



Whether you are gay, straight, bi, or solosexual... whether you are male, female, or transgender, you will find things here to help you keep your own man-bits in good, healthy shape, or learn to help keep your partner/spouse/significant other's package in full swing. If you have sons, there are things you should teach them about what they've got so they too will be able to keep them healthy and enjoy them. Because, here at Big Whack Attack we are all about learning to accept, embrace, be proud of, and derive all the pleasure they're meant to provide.




There's a great group of guys (and ladies!) here and we have a pretty good time.

We hope you'll join in the discussion by leaving comments on posts, or by dropping me an email (you'll find the address in the sidebar).

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