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In Pursuit of Boners - Part 1


Well, and see what happens when you get behind on things? This technology is great, but I am beginning to agree with many of the comments and emails from Faithful Readers: We have come to rely on these things much, too much; too many tasks cannot be completed without them.

But speaking of Faithful Readers...

As I was detailing some of the options open to men who've had ED, a Faithful Reader from Rhode Island asked if I knew anything about CaverJect. CaverJect is medication which is injected directly into the base of the shaft of the cock. It restricts the blood from flowing out of the cavernosum. It is used by physicians when a patient needs to be examined with a full erection (such as a penile ultrasound) and no amount of stimulation is working (i.e., the man can't get it up in front of his doctor or nurse). This is the same guy who my brother and I had been coaching so he could once again enjoy his cock post prostate surgery. I replied - I am always here for you folks; men, women, gay, straight, bi, solo. You and the enjoyment of your equipment is why I do this.

So, anyway, I encouraged him to contact his urologist to see if he might be a candidate for CaverJect. He has graciously agreed to take us through his process. Here is Part 1 of his journey:

You can raise the dead

You should know that you and your brother have a large part in my decision to go through with this. I would be interested in hearing your brothers thoughts on this project. (I will certainly ask him and relay the message.)

Let me start off by saying I am 78, have not had a erection in 20 years. This was because having to have my prostate removed due to cancer. Happy to report since then I have been cancer free. But a lack of a prostate results in a lack of interest in sex. And a lack of a sexual drive led to mental issues for myself suffering and frustration for my partner. Over the years I tried many things ranging from "the little blue pill" to things I should not have wasted money on purchasing over the Internet.

The one thing I never tried was a injection directly into the penis. The thought always was "you're going to do what to my cock.....no way." I finally decided enough was enough and consulted a urologist. Had not seen one in 20 years. So I finally called and as luck would have it, got a appointment the next day. Had to fill out a 9 page questionnaire on my sex life or in my case lack of, such as it was. There were many questions on my physical and mental health. Questions of the size of my dick, does it point left, right, up or down. In my case the answer was none of the above.

Finally went in to see the doctor who immediately put me at ease. He asked even more detailed question concerning my erectile dysfunction. He went on to explain the many options ranging from the pill to having surgery to implant a rod in your dick. After explaining and showing a short video on how it was done I felt somewhat at ease and decided to go through with it. Blood work was done to check my  testosterone level. A low T level can be one reason for a low sex drive and ED.

Once he knows the level, he can order the necessary material. Once he has it, I go back to the office. This time to be shown the correct procedure for the injection. That should be in about a week. Only one problem...the injection lesson will be done by a female nurse !  This might prove to be interesting. (grin)
......To be continued......

His next appointment is set for Nov 12, after which he'll let us know how it went. I sure hope it works!











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