Senin, 25 November 2013

Hope on the (Hard-on) Horizon

Last week a Faithful Reader sent me an email inquiring about Peyronie's Disease. We've talked about this issue before - but concentrating on the primary cause of a bend in a guys root: Cracking of the Tunica (which is why I so strenuously advocate sleeping in the nude).

But, urologists are finding a secondary problem. Penile plaque build-up. The reason this happens appears to remain a mystery. But the results are the same: A bent boner.
While, as this reader reports, the bend is not painful there is a "discomfort when hard" associated with it and penetration can be impossible. Now, you may still be able to enjoy a hand job or a blow job, or a nice session of frottage can still be had, but dipping our sticks is (typically) more sensuous and the resulting orgasm can be more intense. Even using a FleshJack could be out of the question, depending on the severity of the bend.
Well, this Faithful Reader would like you all to know there may hope on the horizon for bent hard-ons. We'll know in a few weeks if his partner is able to get into a trial of a new treatment IF the cause of the bent boner is plaque build-up. A drug called Xiaflex has been used to treat Dupuytren's Contracture, a hand bending syndrome, which is similar to Peyronie's. The drug breaks down the plaque and reduces the curvature.

A very slight curve upward, or to either side is considered "normal". If your cock curves more than is "normal," i.e., making penetrative sex uncomfortable - and remember, while it may not cause you pain, it could affect your partner's pleasure - a fix may be on the horizon to reinstate that arrow-straight stiffy.










My Faithful Reader would really appreciate it if any other of you men out there have had any experience in dealing with Peyronie's. If so, please drop me a message via email!

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