Jumat, 15 November 2013

Grab Your Balls

Swing 'em, Sway 'em

Bounce 'em

Play with 'em

Yep, they're great fun! And we love, love, love to have them fondled and jostled, licked, sucked, and massaged. To ensure yours are in good shape to get that attention - it's time for Buddy Ball Check.

Check those nuts, men!! Get 'em nice and warm and toasty, either by snuggling under some covers or standing in a hot shower, so they're hanging loose and low. Then roll 'em around between your thumb and forefinger. Look for consistent sponginess, no hard spots, no lumps. 

Nothing that makes you wince or gasp in pain during the check? Cool. Now, it's your duty and responsibility to pass the word to every other male you know to get them to check their balls. Losing one - or even both - is better than losing your life. And implants these days are getting more and more life-like. So, they'd be as much fun to play with.


And, as Faithful Reader Amanda points out, it IS Men's Health Awareness Month. So, perhaps, you might want to check those pecs for lumps, as well. Maybe inspect your dick and ballsac for lumps, bumps, or discolored and oddly-shaped spots.


If you find anything, anything, that doesn't seem right, hightail it to your doctor for a complete inspection of the entire package.

Have a good weekend, folks!!

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