Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

What If


What if... What if...

Mankind spends an almost inordinate amount of time fretting over so many things. A lot of the time they are things we shouldn't be too, too worried about. One of those things is the occasional difficulty in raising a really good log of wood. Mind you, I said occasional.

As O!Daddie pointed out, depression can lead to a downer dick. Undue fretting over it can make it worse, deepen our depression, and make us think our boner days are over for good. Which can really send us into a tailspin.

If you suffer from depression and your cock won't stand up - or get hard enough to enjoy - there may be help. Clinical erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to get and maintain an erection rigid enough for penetration. But, don't let your droopy dick get you down.

There are many medications that cause ED - many of which are anti-depressants. If you take any medication that has your dong down, go see your doctor. Ask him if there might be a different medication that will allow your stick to stand up again.

If the answer is "Sorry, no." you don't have to give up your favorite plaything. You can still have fun with it. Why? How? you may ask. Well, it still has feeling, doesn't it? A fingernail dragged across the head or frenulum still creates sensation, right? You still know when a hand is wrapped around it, stroking, teasing, and playing. You can tell when your balls are being bounced around. It still feels nice. So, relax and enjoy it.

Yes, of course, we all want our cocks raging, throbbing hard; dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet; the spurts of jizz flying out with such force it splatters in all directions. But, the reality is not always what we would like it to be. You may be surprised at how great it can be when you take the pressure off your pecker to perform to your expectations.

Instead of contributing to the demise of your dick, furthering the dilemma, kick back and take pleasure in the sensations. Focus on them. And, as you do, bear in mind that an orgasm is not the same as an ejaculation. Orgasm is possible without a great big boner. 




Orgasm is possible without shooting a big load of cum.



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