Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Play Ball!


Yes, I know baseball season is over. 
And (as our blogger buddy AOM points out) football season is on.

And, soon basketball season will be kicking in big time.

But, it's once again time to grab those all-time favorite balls.

Give 'em a really good once-over. If you feel any lumps, if there is a firmness to one (or both) that doesn't seem right, if there is a tenderness for no apparent reason, go see your doctor!

If everything is good, or after you've made your appointment, it is your duty to pay it forward. Contact every male in your life - by whatever means necessary - and ensure they do the same.

There is no reason for shame, shyness is no excuse. If an entire rugby team can do it on camera, you can get yours checked and make sure other guys do the same.
(Thanks to Your French Patrick for the embed code)

(Or, for a larger screen, simply go HERE)

Now, you've been shown how to do it. You've even been shown how a sonogram would be done on your nuts - should the need arise. Get busy - you can play afterwards!


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