Selasa, 24 September 2013

Man Parts


I've got nothing profound to dispense - as if I ever do, anyway! Mostly I babble about man parts and the fact we should take care of them, treat them properly, give them the respect they deserve, and stop being ashamed of having them. And, stop being embarrassed by their function. After all, it is how we all got here: Our (biological) fathers got a boner and used it. And enjoyed it.

I'm reminded of a childhood friend and it makes me wonder if he's still as open and proud of his pecker as he was back then. We'd be walking home from school, along a very busy 4-lane road, and he'd undo his zipper and let his dick hang out for all to see.

If he needed to take a leak, he did; whizzing as he walked (not that I condoned that! - I mean, he could've at least pissed into bushes or on a tree.)

One time in particular, I remember him turning around to a group of girls who were walking behind us and wagging his dick at them, saying, "Whip it out girlie!" They laughed and pointed - it's the last time he did that! That's ultimate put-down for a guy; to have someone laugh at the sight of his cock.

A guy followed me into the men's room the other day. Two urinals with privacy panels large enough to hide all but the top half of a guy's head. I took my piss, buttoned up, washed and dried my hands and that dude was still trying to pee. I get it... Shy bladder syndrome is pretty common. I suffered through a stage of it myself - even after my many years in the military where there was no privacy at all. You either pissed in full view of others or held it until you felt like you would explode.

You had no time to worry about hiding a morning boner; headed to the latrine to shower, every swinging cock was hard.

But, anyway, I wonder about the stages we go through as we age. First too innocent to be ashamed, then embarrassed by them. Do we outgrow that shame?






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