Senin, 16 September 2013

Fond (Naked) Memories


Blogger bud Upton King over at Wonderland Burlesque brought back some very fond memories as he described spending a weekend at a BDSM camp. No, not for the bondage or sado-masochistic stuff - for the freedom of being nude among other people without having to worry about it being illegal and getting arrested for "indecent exposure" - which, of course, you all know I think is ridiculous.

It reminded me of how much I enjoyed the military barracks. Of course, it was a gang shower, so it was impossible to "hide" oneself there. Very few guys were uptight about being naked and I loved the casualness of all the nudity. Most would walk the hallways completely naked. In the dayroom, where we had a community TV, pool, ping-pong, and card tables, a lot of the guys would be either naked or in underwear. Semi-hard cocks and full-on boners were treated as common and nothing to worry about.


Hell, there were a couple of dudes who would sit or lie on the couches and chairs and jack off; others would join in and there would be no disparaging remarks, nor any accusations that any of them were gay - which, at the time, would result in court martial and dishonorable discharge.




My own roomie (the barracks were like college dorm rooms) had no qualms about being naked or jacking off - he didn't care who was around or watching. Every night he'd page through his collection of porn magazines and stroke out a load.


In fact, he's the one who invited me to my first-ever circle-jerk; 'course back then we called them 'stag parties'.


Spending time anywhere with the freedom to be naked, to shrug off any and all inhibitions over getting a hard-on, to be able to engage in sexual activity out in the open, is awesome.





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