Jumat, 27 September 2013

Desperate (to Cum)


Here's a pretty common experience for guys. Well, I think it's common. Where you're horny as fuck and you're almost desperate to pound one out ... but, for some reason you just don't seem to be able to get there? Or get there fast enough?

That was me yesterday. Perusing all my favorite blogs, my stick stood, thick and hard, with a steady stream of pre-cum oozing and running down the shaft and nestling into my balls.

It subsided after I did my post and broke for lunch and my newspaper. But the ole pecker kept twitching the whole time.

Like any other red-blooded guy, I started playing with it. Sorry, Ladies, but we can't stop ourselves; our hands just automatically wind up on our cocks and playing with our balls. It got to the point where I had to get off - needed to blow out that load which had built up. So, I began stroking in earnest.

After about fifteen minutes a voice was pleading, "Come on. Please. Make me cum. I've got to cum." Holy crap! it was me!! My fist began flogging my log to the point it would've been a blur on film. And still I couldn't get to the edge. I started thrusting my hips and bouncing my nuts with my other hand, poking at my prostate. The need to cum became desperate. I didn't think it was going to happen; I was afraid it wouldn't.

Finally, after another twenty minutes, or so, of my fist pounding up and down, fully concentrated on the head of my dick, I felt my balls start to pull up. I doubled my efforts and the first spurt of jizz gathered and blasted free.


When my cock finished spewing, I was exhausted from the effort, the shaft was red, the head purple and my nuts ached.

Yep, sometimes, it can get that intense.

Hope you all have a good weekend - that your boners treat you right

 and a nice leisurely wank.

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