Kamis, 19 September 2013

Break Free


Related to yesterday's post, too many of us allow ourselves to be held hostage in the sex department. It's the power especially straight guys allow the fairer sex to hold over them. The ladies know how horny we get and how often; they know how important getting the rocks off is to us. If we don't eagerly embrace our cocks with our hands, we allow them to lord it over us. "Break free!"


Those are the words of advice I gave to a first-timer before a meeting of the jack-off group I belonged to. It was still gathering time; guys still clothed and milling about with drinks and talking. He was straight and married, was fed up with the limited sex at home. He had heard about the group and was curious. But nervous as hell.



He stayed. He started off pretty timid. After things wound down, everyone was back to drinking and talking - naked now - and I asked about his experience. He said before things started he was convinced his dick wouldn't even get hard in front of a bunch of dudes. Well, his cock surprised him. He popped bone before everyone had even finished stripping and settling in.

He said the thing that he enjoyed the most was the mood in the room:  there was no pressure, no sense that anyone was needy or clingy, or wanting something from him. Nothing to indicate it was anything more than a group of guys just having a good time.


And, this was the real biggie for him - - - How good it felt to have his cock stroked by someone who wanted to do it. The other thing that took him unaware was how much he liked the feel of another dude's dick in his hand, how nice it was being able to know precisely the sensations he induced.


For the first time in years, he'd enjoyed playing with his cock. He loved the casualness of it, the freedom of being naked and hard. He learned a few new stroke techniques. The men in that room taught him he could jack off and cum with abandon and not be ashamed to express it.



He would be back - often.

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