Senin, 30 September 2013

A Great Tool

Role play and fantasy is known to be a great tool to keep sex interesting, or new and fresh. Because we do get bored with the same old stuff; we love to change things up. And, fantasy plays an even more important part when we whack off. When we're desperate to cum and we just can't seem to get to the edge and crank it over the top, fantasy can help.

But, how about when we're just lying around, the cock starts to stand up, and we spend a nice leisurely afternoon wanking, what helps to fuel the hardness and gets us off?

What's your favorite fantasy when you jack off?

For me, it's remembering past experiences. Or fantasizing about some hot woman - or guy - I've seen in the recent past. But, my absolute all-time favorite is thinking about how my masseur handles things. Each and every time I've gotten a massage - from a man or woman - my cock gets as hard as the table legs. Every time. No exception.


I've had different reactions to that over the years. But a couple have been really accommodating. Like the current dude. I warned him ahead of time. By the time he told me to turn over onto my back, my cock was like a piece of steel rebar. 'Course, he helped it along while I was on my stomach by lightly raking his fingers across my balls.
After I turn over, he starts at my feet and works his way to my balls. Then he takes my hands and work his way up my arms, around my neck, down my chest to my cock.



He slowly strokes my boner and massages my balls until my hips are raising up off the massage table. Then he strokes my cock with one hand and rubs my cockhead with the other until my man meat-missile launches.

He strokes and milks me, slowing as the gusher subsides.
Then he gently lowers my cock to my stomach, gets a towel and cleans me. Then he continues with a soft, gentle massage of my legs and torso until my breathing slows and I'm drifting off to sleep. He slips out of the room for ten to fifteen minutes to allow me to rest.

It's always so good. And, in my opinion the only right way to give a thorough massage. No wonder I keep going back to him. And, no wonder it's my favorite thing to fantasize about when I'm lying on my bed and jacking off.





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