Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013

Need of Relief

Have you ever had one of those days? One where you wondered why in the world your cock is behaving like it's attached to your pubescent-hormone-level body? You know, where you've gotten your rocks off but an hour later they feel just as heavy and full as they did before you blew the load? And your cock is straining to get free, twitching and begging for attention again?

Yep. That was me yesterday. I took the opportunity to kick back on my bed and slowly churned out a humongous load. It splattered my torso as if I hadn't gotten my rocks off in a month. I had so much jizz on me it reminded me of one of the group meetings: the guy who stroked my cock to the finish laughed and asked me how long I'd been saving it up!

Goodness, it felt great; I felt great afterwards. I rested for a short bit, cleaned up, went outside to the patio with some iced coffee, stepped to the edge and took a long, much needed whizz.

I jumped into the pool and cleaned up some of the debris the wind had blown in and then sat at my table sipping my coffee. Ten minutes later, my cock was standing up, bulging against my towel, twitching as if it hadn't had any attention in a week! And my nuts had that heavy, full ache.

Our balls produce (on average) 1500 sperm cells a minute. It can add up fast. Though, if left alone, they will be absorbed into the surrounding tissue (as happens after a vasectomy) is it any wonder men are always feeling like they need to get off, itching to cum?

The feeling can become so intense, the need so strong, guys can become desperate. They'll free the beast, pull up the shirt, and pound one out.

The balls can feel so full as to be painful and even in places one can be seen a guy will stroke one out just to relieve the pressure.

It's why a man will jack off even after a rollicking roll in the hay.

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