Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Come, enlightenment, come! (video)

Dev, Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly
The light of wisdom dawns with enlightenment in the cave of the mind (Leyinkeu/flickr)
Angels may be dumb but even they wouldn't fall for toxic, synthetic AXE, no way! Новый ролик о приключениях ангелов AXE на земле! But they might fall over from the stench.

What, my beauty is going to fade?!
I was surrounded by angels (devis). They're beautiful, but they're dumb. Come, enlightenment, come. Try to get over this or that one, like Nanda and the celestial nymphs far surpassing their human kin, far beyond; it's no fun. Come, enlightenment, come. Even these are rotting, too, hurtling toward destruction, aging, fading, amounting to rinsed scum. Come, enlightenment, come. When I behold the impure, the foul, the disgusting, it wipes away all my lust, sends it headlong into oblivion. Come, enlightenment, come!

Enlightenment will not come from petitioning. Neither rule nor ritual will successfully lead to the final goal. There are two ingredients, and one is calm. The other is insight into the Round, the wheel of dependent origination. Insight on top of serenity, right-samadhi and clear-seeing, is all there needs to be.

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