Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Well, Balls!!

Yes, you know what day it is, today. So, let's get busy on those balls, boys.

Check them thoroughly. If you notice anything - anything - that feels 'not quite right,' grab that cell phone and call for an appointment to get them checked by your doctor. Better to have him check and tell you things are good, than ignore it and end up on the wrong list of statistics.

Then, you must call, text, email, IM, post to FB, bulletin boards, forums, or chat with each and every male you know to remind them to give their own nuts a good once-over. You may save a life!

I truly thank Lord Patrick over at More of the Same 

Courtesy of Lord Patrick

Courtesy of Your French Patrick

for their wonderful reminders today and joining this all-important bandwagon with posts of their own today. Bless you, both!

Now, get busy, folks. No matter how many other kinds of balls you play with...

These are the most important ones:

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