Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

The Same, But Different

I don't know why, but I started thinking about the differences among us. Yes, we all have packages that pretty much look and behave the same: the semi-hard-ons, the full-out boners morning, noon, and night. We enjoy playing with them, massaging the balls, stroking the cock, and spewing the gobs and ropes of cum. Those things are the common denominators. But when we get the most enjoyment out of it varies. Some like taking full advantage of the morning boner as soon as they wake. Some prefer to take the morning piss first and then relieve the wood. Some like to jack off when taking a shower. Or during a break at work. Or wait until they get home in the evening to strip down and relax into a nice, long, relaxing wank. Or, maybe wait until bedtime to blow a good load to help us sleep.

I once sent this suggestion to Ron Lloyd for one of his solo dvd's: "A Man's Day". A guy jacking off the morning wood and after he shoots his load cross fades to a new guy as he heads to take his morning piss and jack off. He cross fades to a guy getting into the shower to get his rocks off, etc, etc, until he's covered an entire day. I never heard back and, to my knowledge, they've never done a dvd like that. I still think it would be a great collection.

Then again, some guys don't care - they'll stroke one out no matter when or where the boner happens to strike.

Enjoy yours this weekend, folks.

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