Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

Join Me

Well, I apologize for being MIA yesterday. It was a crazy, crazy day. It began with a request for an interview. Holy shit! After more than 3 years, I'm eager to interview for anything!

It took me a while to get ready - shower, shave, put on the Fresh Balls, dress, gather the necessary items like resumes and a pen, and drive over. 

The interview itself took almost three hours. For a part time position! But, at this point, even part time money will help. And if someone is willing to hire this old gimp, well...

By the time I got home, undressed - it is summer after all - and scrounged around for something to eat, I was totally exhausted.

I stretched out on the bed, jerked off a good load (I may be an old fart and I may be a gimp, but the cock still works!), and slept for an hour.

So, here it is, Friday again. And this post is already late. I had some catching up to do on all the hot posts of our blog buds, don't ya know. Which have me totally boned with a steady flow of pre-cum.

Join me, won't you? Pick your favorite spot for stroking cock...

And squirt out a load.

Have a great weekend!

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