Senin, 22 Juli 2013

Do You FleshJack?

Friday's post, of course, leads us to today. We guys do like variety, don't we? And putting a toy to work brings a whole new dimension to whacking off. 

It's amazing how creative we can get, and what lengths we'll go to, to get our rocks off.

But, let's be honest. There are some men who prefer using toys to engaging in activities with others. And there are some men who can't get partners. And they have the urge and need to pump one out as much as the next dude.

Enter masturbation sleeves. There are tons of different models available, both on-line and in your friendly neighborhood adult store. There are plain sleeves and sleeves with vibrators built into them to enhance the sensations. The two most popular are the Tenga, which now makes a variety of sleeves to simulate different sexual activities,
The Original Tenga Sleeve
and the Fleshjack, which also produces different types to produce different sensations.

The original FleshLight

By far the most popular is the Fleshjack. The ease of use, the ease of clean-up helped to market it, but the biggest marketing ploy was the way it was first introduced: As the FleshLight. This was a jack-off toy men could have and leave sitting on a shelf - or lying in a bedside drawer - and anyone who didn't know better would think it a flashlight. A rather large one, but still...MagLites are available in such a size. Which is another reason to go with the FleshJack - they're long enough that even the above-average sized cock can be buried to the balls.

It's possible the name changed and the sleeves became clear (though they still arrive with the cases) because jacking off has become a more acceptable sexual outlet. Married, or partnered, or not, it's no longer something guys have to vehemently deny.

They've come a long, long way. And they can be utilized in so many different ways, too. The thing most guys seem to appreciate about them: You can slide them between a couple of pillows, or wedge them between mattress and box springs or between couch cushions, and you can thrust hands-free. Your cock literally feels like it's fucking.

The sleeves are flexible enough they can be used with a buddy to add a little variety, too.

For a really hands-free experience, check out the new "Shower Mount" attachment. Using a suction cup, it secures to the wall at an adjustable angle for perfect thrusting. Check out the video they've put together (use the text link or the photo).

I personally do not have one - I still have (and use) sleeves from my old AccuJac. But, one of these days, the rubber will completely break down and I'll have to throw them out. My choice then will be the FleshJack.

Big thanks go out to AOM and Your French Patrick who contributed to this post! Hugs and strokes and bisous, my brothers!

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