Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

A Little Bit of Fun

"You looked hungry, honey. How about a banana?"

Well, after yesterday's sobering post, and June being full of admonishments, I thought it time for some fun...

Using Mother Nature to promote penis health.

The costume from Into the Woods we used didn't look this good.

Eat your way through to the real snack.

Little bro, I told you... It's OK... It's supposed to do that.

Now that's an eager bridegroom.

Holy shit! Pissing on electrical cords? Brave dude!

A full house? Not hardly - there's empty space everywhere!


That's right, folks! Step right up...

Six minutes? That's all you got out of all that jerking off??

Typical Frat Guy...

Have I got a gun for you!! Take your pick...

Fine - I can use the urinal.

Bet they get a lot of visitors!

Texting little brother to explain how to deal with all the frequent boners...
And, the finale:
Well, Mom, that's what you get for not knocking!

Enjoy your boners!

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