Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

The Best Pizza (contest)

CC Liu, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly, P. Gautam, Animal Advocacy Museum, Pasadena

Compassionate food tastes better
On Saturday June 29th, Amber Larson is entering a cooking contest to determine the Best Vegan Pizza ever. Yes, the creators of the Vegan Bake-Off in 2010 and the Vegan Mac n' Cheese Contest of 2012 have teamed up for a contest to end all contests! On this one day, attendants at the AAM will decide who makes the BEST vegan pizza. Each attendee will cast a vote for the Audience Choice Award, but a select panel of expert judges will vote for Judge's Choice. Open to all.

Cheaters never prosper in the pizza world
WARNING: Judges, one of our male editors plans to cheat by bringing in a "Berkeley Vegan" from Z Pizza using Daiya vegan cheese. (You'll know it's his because he's slicing it into the shape of a pentagram). Due to the large anticipated turnout, tickets should have been secured by June 24th. But come anyway; it encourages them. More

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