Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

Rebirth Science: "Previous Lives" (BBC)

CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; "Supernatural Science" (BBC LEARNING) 
Rebirth (French, Renaissance) painting in Europe (Avon Camille/isleta-avon)

What was life like? Four Noble Truths?
(NH) BBC documentary "Previous Lives" shows a young boy killed in World War I and reborn with disturbing dreams and problems in the region of the body he was shot until releasing those memories, as his medical doctor father attests. Of course, most Westerners being Christian no longer believe in rebirth and past lives (post Constantine and the Christian Councils). This episode of Supernatural Science also shows that, for example, Jewish affiliation is not permanent; one can be reborn into and out of Judaism or any religion, race, ethnicity, or social status. We may find ourselves standing in the shoes of those we now harm, be they gays, Jews, women, Middle Easterners, African-Americans, or any other sentient beings. Karma (actions motivated by nongreed, nonhatred, nonfear, and nondelusion have the power to bring about resultants, just as their opposites do).

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