Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

J/O Goes Mainstream

You're a guy. You jack off. It's normal. But, would you admit it? In public? In mixed company? On television?

Masturbation is going mainstream! And it does my heart good to find more examples of men freely admitting that they jack off. Twice in one evening of television! One in an ad for the reality series about the first year of marriage: There's a gay couple that is being followed in that series and the two are discussing the frequency of sex. One says to the other, "I'm jacking off twice a day."

The other was on National Geographic; a show about sex: A couple, married for 19 years, is talking with a sex therapist. The wife says she's pretty sure that her husband "pleasures himself" and she's okay with it. He readily admits it, "It's just easier to take care of it myself. And I do!"

The more society hears from guys that whack off, and say they not only do it but enjoy it, the less ridicule there is aimed at it, the more acceptable it becomes. It's natural, normal behavior. It's healthy.

If you're whacking off, you're keeping it healthy. If you're keeping it healthy, you're whacking off!

Make it a very healthy weekend!

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