Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

How Do You Measure

During our Masturbation Month celebration, a Faithful Reader sent in a question for the blog. I responded to him so he wouldn't be left wondering if I'd gotten the message. Now, it's time to bring the issue up here for everyone.

Can you measure what isn't there?

As my Faithful Reader pointed out, some hoods cover the the cockhead only when soft, others have foreskins long enough that the head is still covered when they've got a full-blown boner. Just as our peckers are different lengths, so are our foreskins (if we have them).

Like 60% of the men in this country, he is cut and wants to know if it's possible to determine how much (how long) of a hood he'd have if he still had one. Well, that's tough to say. Can you measure what's not there?

Here is my answer:
"I don't think there's any way to accurately determine how much foreskin was removed. What measurement do you come up with on the remaining tissue when you're flaccid? As you can tell from visual inspection, the skin covering the shaft stretches quite a bit to accommodate the engorgement and still has enough plasticity to slide fairly freely and to be pulled away (outward from the shaft).

However, one might extrapolate an estimate by using known measurements. If you have 2" of tissue when hard, expanded from X" flaccid... do the percentage math and then take that distance and, adding it to the flaccid, place a flexible tape measure along the shaft from the edge of the existing (flaccid) tissue and over the head to see where it ends. You'd again have to extrapolate to determine head coverage when hard.

I wouldn't consider that actual, but it might give you an idea of how much of the head would be sheathed in both the soft and hard states."

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