Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

NASA reveals rodent life on Mars (photo)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Space.com; NASA
Scavenging on the water-rich planet even after the loss of much of its atmosphere (NASA)
It's not that cute; have you seen my routine?
A Mars rock that bears a [strik]ing resemblance to a rodent is scuttling across the Internet with gusto, even inspiring some fans to set up a Twitter account in its name.
UFO buffs spotted the purported [Rocky the Squirrel or dismissively named] "Mars rat" in a panoramic photo snapped in September 2012 by NASA's Curiosity rover. Zooming in on a portion of the image reveals what appears to be a rodent crouching between two rocks, its nose to the ground.
Earthling squirrel with its infant child (TMA)
"It's a cute rodent on Mars. Note its lighter-color upper and lower eyelids, its nose and cheek areas, its ear, its front leg and stomach," Scott Waring wrote at UFO Sightings Daily back in December. 
"Looks similar to a squirrel camouflaged in the stones and sand by its colors."
Artist's rendition of the rocky squirrel (L)
In an update to that post, Waring raised the possibility that NASA flew the rat/squirrel to Mars secretly, as part of an experiment [to terraform] testing out the Red Planet's ability to support life as we know it.
"Why would they not tell us about it?" Waring wrote. "Because the squirrel would be expected to die eventually and that would get PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] to fight against them in a court of law." More

Interacting with ETs
(ADGUKNEWS, 4-26-13) Australian TV airs interview with nuclear physicist Charles Hall, who has worked with extraterrestrials at U.S. military bases.

A Big Finish

It's been a really good month-long celebration. Today marks the end of Masturbation Month - though we all know we'll continue to stroke and cum. But I'm so pleased you all could join in! There's one final question I now pose:
Are you drooling...

                                 and ready for the big finish?

I hope you had a load of fun!

Afghanistan’s "Little America" experiment

Wisdom Quarterly; Joyce Hackel (TheWorld.org)
David Rohde's new book reconsiders American influence abroad.
David Rohde reconsiders US influence abroad
It was in the heat of the Cold War during the 1950s that Washington first tried its hand at making the deserts of Helmand province bloom.
American lawmakers began to fund a massive "aid" program in the Afghan province, attempting to build dams, canals, and roads in a project they thought would be reminiscent of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

In the decades that followed, the project largely collapsed, although some Afghans struggled to carry the torch.

Now, as American and British soldiers pull out of Helmand, author David Rohde reconsiders the legacy of the project known to some as “Little America.”

Rohde is a columnist for Reuters and The Atlantic Monthly. He’s a two-time Pulitzer prize winner, and his latest book is called Beyond War: Reimagining American Influence in a New Middle East.

Why do 40% of marriages suffer infidelity?

Secrets of Surviving Infidelity
Marriage expert Dr. Scott Haltzman's The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity
I didn't mean to do it (BodhiPunx)
Is cheating more common than we are admitting? Is it becoming more prevalent in our society because of technology and social media?
Psychiatrist and marriage expert Dr. Scott Haltzman calculates that about 40 percent of marriages have suffered from infidelity. Can a marriage can survive an infidelity?
Although this is a rough number, Haltzman’s new book, The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity examines why so many people have had affairs.
Is this what Buddha meant? (weheartit.com)
Haltzman believes the formula for infidelity is a combination of need, opportunity, and the inability to control impulses. However, one's  personality type, certain medical conditions, and having a high profile can contribute to an increase in the potential for committing a devastating extramarital affair.
How can a marriage survive after someone cheats and breaks the trust, betrays another, and shows little empathy for the harm that has been done? When should a couple try to work it out, and when should they call it quits? Can trust ever be regained?
Dr. Scott Haltzman, M.D., psychiatrist and marriage expert, author of The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity and The Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever (Jossey-Bass, 2007)

The New Hate: Fear and Loathing on the Right

Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Arthur Goldwag; SUPPORT KPFK FM

From the author of -Isms and -Ologies and Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies comes a deeply researched and fascinating new book on hate in America.

It covers the history of the role organized hatred has played in American politics. The New Hate takes readers on a surprising, often shocking, sometimes bizarrely amusing tour through the swamps of nativism, racism, and paranoia. They have long thrived on the fringes of the American scene, particularly on the populist right.
Arthur Goldwag shows parallels between hysteria over "the Illuminati" that wracked the new American republic during the 1790s and the McCarthyism that roiled the America of the 1950s.

Goldwag discusses the similarities between the anti-New Deal forces of the 1930s and today's Tea Party movement. He traces Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism and the John Birch Society’s “Insiders” back to the notorious and fictitious Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and he relates white supremacist nightmares about racial pollution to 19th-century fears of papal plots.
(InfoWars.com, 5-29-13) Patriot Alex Jones live from Texas

Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Aztec-Natives of Los Angeles support Left

Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Hector Becerra, Don Bartletti, Christina House (LA Times)
Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc Aztec dance group perform on Broadway in downtown L.A. earlier this month (Don Bartletti/latimes.com) MORE PHOTOS


This "Mayan calendar" is an Aztec creation

Dancing to oppose police brutality or support the civil rights of gays is all part of the routine for the hardest-working group in Southern California's left-leaning protest circuit. 

The Aztecs march in the canyons of the great city.Their tall feather headdresses jut skyward. They beat drums, stomp, and chant. They dance in twirls and high steps, moving forward.

(Ehecatl, dios del viento)
One of them presses to his lips a large pink conch, representing the wind god Ehecatl.
Before them at this demonstration between the high-rises of downtown Los Angeles come other tribes of the counterculture: anarchists, [peace-activists,] socialists, communists, anti-imperialists, Marxists. They don't dance. 

It's Latin-Irish rebel Che Guevara
With them it's all bullhorns, mohawks, Imperial Stormtrooper outfits, Che Guevara shirts, [fake "Anonymous" movement/alleged Occupy Wall Street symbol] Guy Fawkes masks, and banners that flap in the wind -- such as "Smash Imperialist Wars" and "One World Government [=] New World Order." One man breaks off from the group like a herald to peddle a $1 copy of "Revolution." The people ignore him.

No one ignores the Aztecs. Crowds press close, pulling out iPhones and cameras. The Aztecs have an entourage. They use their arms to keep the crowd at a safe distance, like security behind the line of a red carpet.
Dancing at the end of the world -- Dec. 21, 2012 -- Mayan celebration for the plumed serpent (naga) Kukulkan at Chichen Itza (ABC.net.au)
At one point during their performance, an intoxicated woman with bleached blond hair stumbles up to the Aztecs' leader, Judith Garcia, and does a precarious, noodle-limbed dance. As the woman's tight blouse begins to roll down, revealing a tattoo... Just another day on the job for the hardest-working members of the leftist protest circuit. More

The Gospel of Anarchy
Carolyn Kellogg, LATimes.com (BOOK REVIEW)
Responsible, individualist anarchy for all?
Time-travel to 1999, where a bohemian group lives in a utopia of countercultural protest. Despite its ambition, the story fails to cohere. The house at the center of Justin Taylor's The Gospel of Anarchy has the universals of bohemian communities: shared food, leftist politics, dropouts, some guy peeing in the yard. Yet it is also very specific -- to a place, Gainesville, Florida, and a time, 1999 -- to the degree that it has its own peculiar name... More

Tara Brach: A Place of True Refuge (live)

Joy arises when... (blog.tarabrach.com)
Against the Stream welcomes Buddhist author Tara Brach for a special evening benefitting Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.

Join as Brach investigates a place of "true refuge."
In the face of feeling alone and afraid, each of us longs for connection and peace. This talk explores our habitual ways of seeking FALSE refuge. Moreover, it points out that there are archetypal gateways revealing TRUE refuge -- our own awakened heart.

Radical Acceptance
This is a sliding scale event, and all proceeds benefit Against the Stream, its programs, and the scholarship fund. By paying at the highest level one can afford, everyone benefits. Any amount one can contribute above the scale's lower end becomes a tax-deductible donation.
    Tara Brach, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, lecturer, and popular teacher of Buddhist mindfulness (vipassana) meditation. She is the founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington. She teaches meditation at centers throughout the USA. She has offered speeches and workshops for mental health practitioners at numerous professional conferences. These addresses along with recorded talks and videos address the value of meditation in relieving emotional suffering and bringing about a spiritual awakening. Dr. Brach is the author of Radical Acceptance (Bantam, 2003) and True Refuge (Bantam, 2013). Visit her at TaraBrach.com.

    HBO: "Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer " (video)

    Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; HBO.com; HBODocs (YouTube.com) (HBODocs) Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer premieres Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 9:00 pm. MORE
    Punks going too far? Showing up Church and State (English subtitles)
      Feminist collective members (Reuters/Maxim)

      (Make it) A Group Effort

      Well, the end is nigh. Things go better with a team effort. Go grab some time with the boys and celebrate together. Make it a real party!

      Courtesy of my friend Your French Patrick. Scroll down for the GIF he also supplied.

      Courtesy of my friend Your French Patrick.