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The Best Worst-President Ever (comedy)

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)

Look, ma, stand-up with no teleprompter! He may be a "hypocrite" (aka Nobel Peace Laureate) selling out those forced to elect him -- at the threat of the unthinkable alternative that was Romney -- but at least the Great Orator can deliver jokes others write for him. 
Oh, those superstars. ABBA has a secret Nazi connection, a lot like the Bush Family's secret Nazi connection. What is it? 
Nazis sure are interesting to Americans, with its Neo Nazi politicians and right-wing Christian extremists, extremists so extreme they deny the Caucasian status of two brothers from the Caucasus mountain region on account of their alleged affiliation to radical Islam. "They're not the right kind of white," now where have we heard that kind of thing before. Not Pres. B.S. Obama, but those he fronts for (the military-industrial complex), and those he supposedly opposes, the Good Ol' Boy network that couldn't get these draconian aspirations into law without a lovable and well-spoken "left-wing Kenyan socialist" catching everyone off guard. 

Racism is so insipid and entrenched in our way of thinking that we seem to have become blind to it. Garden variety racism, who cares? That's an individual problem playing itself out in a few karma streams. What we worry about is institutional racism, of the Neo Nazi and "fascist" (corporate-state fusion) sort.
Conan O'Brien makes an impression at the 2013 White House
Correspondents' Dinner, almost upstaging funnyman Barry
There is a campaign -- seemingly brought about by master conspirators ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the source of so many conspiracies -- we call mass incarceration. It is the new Jim Crow, mass incarceration in the supposed Age of Colorblindness, according to Prof. Michelle Alexander. But how could it be? We have a black president! It is precisely because we do that the left is abashed or blind to what our master puppet executive is passing through Congress, the Senate, and the general populace: 

drone assassinations, clamping down on government whistleblowers like Pfc. Bradley Manning, NDAA's indefinite detention of citizens on US soil (without accusation, trial, right of defense, or even any right to lett the outside world know, which is called "disappearing someone" everywhere else), failing to close Guantanamo Torture/Detention Center as promised, expanding the wars on Afghanistan (and Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia... and the cyberwar on Iran, and the future war on Syria), homeland spying and warrantless wiretapping on a massive scale, posse comitatus, (the use of the military to police civilian US citizens), and other violations of civil liberties the drafters of the Amendments to the Constitution would never stand for. And now Obama has become a corporate schill for Monsanto, too.

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