Senin, 29 April 2013

(Not So) Well-Rounded Education

Well, I really appreciate all the thoughtful comments and emails. Thank you to you all - you help me feel better.

Our legislature has been arguing a bill which would update the requirements for sex education in our school systems. Having one of the highest rates in the country of teen pregnancy and repeat teen abortions, it's become a sudden hot-button issue. An article detailed the current curriculum - beginning in grade 6 through high school - most of which made sense. The one bad thing - in my opinion, anyway - is they provide a Parental Opt-Out. Parents can keep them out of the class. That would be fine if those parents were teaching this  at home, but by the looks of the data that isn't happening.

But there was one glaring omission in the syllabus . You guessed it: Masturbation. The word doesn't even appear in the discussion. And what a damn shame that is! If young men - and that's what they are by HS - were introduced to and taught that a good old-fashioned wank...

 would cure that case of hornies

or that a nice session of mutual

 would serve the purpose perfectly by getting those rocks off and protect them from unwanted pregnancies and STD's 

those undesirable data would come way, way down!

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