Minggu, 28 April 2013

I was Hitler's food taster

Wisdom Quarterly; Associated Press; Al Jazeera; Boiseweekly.com
The Fuhrer naps (Eva Braun's private album/boiseweekly.com)
Margot, food taster (AP/US Army Signal Corps)
(AP/AJ) A German woman claims she was one of Adolf Hitler's food tasters but that, for more than half a century, she did not tell anybody what she did during the second world war.

A few months after her 95th birthday, Margot Woelk finally opened up about her secret, revealing that she spent two and a half years as one of the 15 young women who sampled Hitler's food to make sure it was not poisoned before it was served in the so-called Wolf's Lair.

"That was the heavily guarded command center in what is now Poland, where he spent much of his time in the final years of World War II," she said. "Hitler was so paranoid that the British would poison him, it was the talk of the day, we all knew about it."

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