Jumat, 26 April 2013

36th occasional "Doo Dah Parade"!

Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; PasadenaDoodahParade.info, Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doo Dah Queen 2013 Susann Edmonds
The Great Firewall of China marched doing street theater illustrating torture, pollution, political corruption, the absence of free speech, and environmental degradation like pigs rotting in rivers.
The LohDown on Science drove a white Cadillac pitching a $1,000 prize to promote science in schools.

Fancy rolling dinner (pasadenastarnews.com)
The Roller Derby girls knocked it out of the rink with sexy outfits and sass galore.

And a walking, talking, and otherwise locomoting cast of kinky neighbors, oddfellows, assorted peace activists, and sexpots strutted up and down Colorado Boulevard.
This is where the annual Rose Parade usually reigns supreme, as fans threw (Monsanto Bt toxin) toxic corn tortillas, polluting marshmallows, barbecued-burned chemically-treated pig livers and other assorted spinal columns and offal called "hot dogs" stuffed in elongated white flour buns to takers, yuck, along with gaudy Mardi Gras beads and cheap candy.
Cat Mobile with mechanical claws, Doo Dah 2012 (Wells/WQ)

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