Selasa, 30 April 2013

The (Education of) Pecker Physiology

Very 1950's attitude.

The other glaring omission in the curriculum - well, not that I'm privy to every bit of minutia - is the Physiology of the male apparatus. That our peckers rise up like the Phoenix almost 20 times in a 24-hour period. That they should, it's not only normal but needed. Shouldn't students be taught about this?

Now, I know some of you are thinking, "With this topic of sex education, why would he post about jerking off before posting about boners?" Well, to make the point that not every hard-on is about the need or urge of relieving our man-berries of their cargo. And these students not only have the right to know this, they need to know this!

It could save so much anxiety in young men. Just think, no more worry about walking from class to class trying to hide that boner behind books, no more fretting about boning up at the urinals, 

not to mention the ultimate concern: The weasel popping up in the showers of the locker room!

They would know it's not necessarily the raging hormones - it could be the tumescence is from the tissue needing oxygen to keep it healthy... So it can get good and hard, so it can stand up tall, thick, and proud....

when it is about getting the rocks off!

The Best Worst-President Ever (comedy)

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)

Look, ma, stand-up with no teleprompter! He may be a "hypocrite" (aka Nobel Peace Laureate) selling out those forced to elect him -- at the threat of the unthinkable alternative that was Romney -- but at least the Great Orator can deliver jokes others write for him. 
Oh, those superstars. ABBA has a secret Nazi connection, a lot like the Bush Family's secret Nazi connection. What is it? 
Nazis sure are interesting to Americans, with its Neo Nazi politicians and right-wing Christian extremists, extremists so extreme they deny the Caucasian status of two brothers from the Caucasus mountain region on account of their alleged affiliation to radical Islam. "They're not the right kind of white," now where have we heard that kind of thing before. Not Pres. B.S. Obama, but those he fronts for (the military-industrial complex), and those he supposedly opposes, the Good Ol' Boy network that couldn't get these draconian aspirations into law without a lovable and well-spoken "left-wing Kenyan socialist" catching everyone off guard. 

Racism is so insipid and entrenched in our way of thinking that we seem to have become blind to it. Garden variety racism, who cares? That's an individual problem playing itself out in a few karma streams. What we worry about is institutional racism, of the Neo Nazi and "fascist" (corporate-state fusion) sort.
Conan O'Brien makes an impression at the 2013 White House
Correspondents' Dinner, almost upstaging funnyman Barry
There is a campaign -- seemingly brought about by master conspirators ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the source of so many conspiracies -- we call mass incarceration. It is the new Jim Crow, mass incarceration in the supposed Age of Colorblindness, according to Prof. Michelle Alexander. But how could it be? We have a black president! It is precisely because we do that the left is abashed or blind to what our master puppet executive is passing through Congress, the Senate, and the general populace: 

drone assassinations, clamping down on government whistleblowers like Pfc. Bradley Manning, NDAA's indefinite detention of citizens on US soil (without accusation, trial, right of defense, or even any right to lett the outside world know, which is called "disappearing someone" everywhere else), failing to close Guantanamo Torture/Detention Center as promised, expanding the wars on Afghanistan (and Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia... and the cyberwar on Iran, and the future war on Syria), homeland spying and warrantless wiretapping on a massive scale, posse comitatus, (the use of the military to police civilian US citizens), and other violations of civil liberties the drafters of the Amendments to the Constitution would never stand for. And now Obama has become a corporate schill for Monsanto, too.

Monsanto buys leading Bee Research Firm

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; (NaturalSociety); via;
The cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, the great bee die off, seems to be neonicotinoids, a deadly new ingredient in pesticidal chemicals brought to market by genetic-manipulation giant and future owner of all the world's seeds, Monsanto Inc. (
(Irene Lainika/
Monsanto -- the massive biotechnology [poison, seed manipulating] company being blamed for contributing to the dwindling bee population -- has bought up one of the leading bee collapse research organizations.

Recently banned from Poland with one of the primary reasons being that the company’s genetically modified corn may be devastating the dying bee population, it is evident that Monsanto is under serious fire for their role in the downfall of the vital insects.

It is therefore quite apparent why Monsanto bought one of the largest bee research firms on the planet.
It can be found in public company reports hosted on mainstream media that Monsanto scooped up the Beeologics firm back in September 2011.

During this time the correlation between Monsanto’s GM crops and the bee decline was not explored in the mainstream, and in fact it was hardly touched upon until Polish officials... More
  • THE MONSANTO PROTECTION ACT (HuffPost Live) Does the newly signed Farmer Assurance Provision, aka the "Monsanto Protection Act," mean that GMO crops can evade any serious scientific or regulatory review? More
Wisdom Quarterly
Non-genetically modified organism seeds
Monsanto's corporate irresponsibility has a new ally -- Pres. Obama. He recently ignored liberals, progressives, and independents by signing the Newspeak/Orwellian "Farmer Assurance Provision" to ensure that Monsanto, Inc. is immune from the harm it is doing to bees (crucial to the farming of many valuable plants dependent on them as their pollinators), the environment, human health, and small farmers. When the government gets into bed with corporations, former Dictator Mussolini called that "fascism." Business with the support of politicians and the military, becomes an unstoppable force.

Physicists: Trees talk! What are they saying?


Bodhi tree (
Something mysterious is happening in the Mojave Desert's Joshua Tree National Park. The reason may be grim, but the effect is beautiful.
"It's more than interesting, it's probably unprecedented in anybody's recent memory anyway," Cameron Barrows, a research ecologist at the University of California, Riverside, told ABC News.
He's talking about blooms on the Joshua trees that are larger [and more widespread] than locals say they've ever seen.
"I don't know what happened this year, but it's been an incredible display," Virginia Willis, a 15-year resident, told ABC. "It doesn't make any sense..." More
Thai Buddhist novices hang colorful flags on Bodhi tree (ChristyB30/
Trees "talk" and say more than thirst
Jacki Lyden, "All Things Considered" (
(Lee Berger/
A team of physicists at Grenoble University in France discovered that trees make different sounds when they are starved for water versus when they are simply thirsty. Dr. Alexandre Ponomarenko, the lead researcher, explains; hear a bit of the thirsty tree sounds.... Two out of three trees are dangerously parched the world over, at least that's what a study published in Nature determined late last year. Biologists looked at hundreds of tree species in 80 locations around the world and found... LISTEN

Senin, 29 April 2013

(Not So) Well-Rounded Education

Well, I really appreciate all the thoughtful comments and emails. Thank you to you all - you help me feel better.

Our legislature has been arguing a bill which would update the requirements for sex education in our school systems. Having one of the highest rates in the country of teen pregnancy and repeat teen abortions, it's become a sudden hot-button issue. An article detailed the current curriculum - beginning in grade 6 through high school - most of which made sense. The one bad thing - in my opinion, anyway - is they provide a Parental Opt-Out. Parents can keep them out of the class. That would be fine if those parents were teaching this  at home, but by the looks of the data that isn't happening.

But there was one glaring omission in the syllabus . You guessed it: Masturbation. The word doesn't even appear in the discussion. And what a damn shame that is! If young men - and that's what they are by HS - were introduced to and taught that a good old-fashioned wank...

 would cure that case of hornies

or that a nice session of mutual

 would serve the purpose perfectly by getting those rocks off and protect them from unwanted pregnancies and STD's 

those undesirable data would come way, way down!

Minggu, 28 April 2013

Just sitting when I should be doing?

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)
Budai the Happy Bodhisattva sits joyfully (Muffett68
"Don't just do something; sit there!" it is said.

How could sitting -- intentional action that's mental -- trump physical and verbal action?

I want to protest, I want to cry out, I want change the world!

Budai (Shutterhound Photography/flickr)
Can I  even change that world? That remains to be seen. We keep trying. But while we fret and fuss, the one sure person we could be changing goes unchanged.

Who can save another? Help another, yes, of course. But who can save, who can do it for another -- "it" being cultivate absorption as the basis of successfully liberating-insight (i.e., walk the Path of Purification)?

No one saves us but ourselves.
No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the Path;
Buddhas only point the Way.

Why are we searching when the Path is known? What are we waiting for? Step 1, Step 1, what is Step 1?

Giant Buddha, Leshan (
One way to understand the very packed (densely encoded) message of the Noble Eightfold Path is to follow it as a threefold teaching: 1) right view (wisdom), 2) virtue, and 3) meditation (concentration, that is, the effortless composure of mind, which like the hang gliding after all the effort of launching).

This is not a step-by-step path: Its factors or folds are cultivated simultaneously. So as we increase in virtue, our ease, joy, and concentration improves. This gives rise to wisdom as the mind/heart settles and we are able to see things more clearly just as they are.

The Truth is just as it is. We need not contort ourselves to "believe" it. We need only watch and withhold biases (distortions), evaluations (views), and opinions. The Truth sets one free. We need do nothing more than find that truth by rectifying ourselves rather than the world. "Don't just do something; sit there."

Not the Buddha, but Fat Happy Budai the Bodhisattva (Spectergeneral/

"How to Become a Powerful Person"

Wisdom Quarterly; American monk Bhikkhu Bodhi poem Jan. 2013 (
Buddha standing and reclining into final-nirvana, Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka (
Bhikkhu Bodhi
...The source lies hidden deep within ourselves,
But to find it we must use the appropriate tools.
The first key to success is the power of faith,
Trust in a supreme wisdom that points us to the good.
Faith settles the mind and inspires us with courage,
Inciting us to deeds of joyful self-transcendence.
Ready to spring their traps when our vigilance slackens.
To stem their attacks and sustain our self-respect
The power of shame keeps us firmly on the path.

Contemplate deeply our relatedness to others,
Consider the value of esteem in others’ eyes.
Let the power of moral dread hold us back from the abyss.
The path to liberation is not for the weak,
Nor for those given to self-pity and despair.
It is only by the invigorating power of energy
That we can become heroes, true masters of our minds.
Traveling by night, enveloped in dense mist,
We have wandered pointlessly in the maze of birth and death.
Now use the power of wisdom as the light
To guide our steps to the shore of final freedom.
Equipped with these five powers taught by the Great Sage
We rise up as conquerors stronger than any foes.
Masters of ourselves, examples for the nation,
We illuminate the world like the blazing noontime sun.

Lifting Ourselves Up
Breathing meditation in full lotus pose (
Bodhi tree mural (Romila Barryman/flickr)
It is not necessary to look without for power and success. It  is to be found within. The Buddha, in a commentarial enumeration of the Requisites or Constituent-Factors of Enlightenment (Bodhipakkaya-dhamma, "Things Pertaining to Enlightenment"), lists Four Bases of Power (iddhipada -- will, energy, consciousness, discriminative power) and Five Powers (bala -- confidence, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom), which are also listed as the Five Faculties (indriya,  from indo as in Indra, king of kings and lord of lords and India, that lord's own great land).

Four Bases of Power (iddhipada)
  1. Will (chanda)
  2. Energy (viriya)
  3. Consciousness (citta)
  4. Discrimination (vimamsa, vīmaŋsā, mimāṃsā)
Five Faculties and Powers (indriya and bala)
  1. Confidence/faith (saddha)
  2. Energy (viriya)
  3. Mindfulness (sati, smṛti)
  4. Concentration (samadhi)
  5. Wisdom (panna, prajñā)