Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Point and Shoot

Well, I told you all my posting would be sporadic while I'm traveling and, though I've tried to post daily, I guess the prediction was correct. Thanks for the understanding. And thanks for helping me out with the captions the other day!

So, while I was doing some touristy things here on the Gulf Coast, I've found a couple of "different" conditions in men's rooms. Only one, though, begs to be discussed as it relates to a man's anatomy. I'd gone to lunch and needed to wash my hands before the meal - did you know the dirtiest, most germ-filled item in a restaurant is the menu? - and figured I might as well drain the radiator while I was at it.

All I can say for this urinal: It's a damn good thing we can point our cocks and aim our streams of piss. This urinal was placed so high up on the wall, the installers must have been fuckin' giants. Now, I am not a short guy, 6'-0" is fairly tall, isn't it? Yet, I had to position my dick toward the ceiling to whizz and still ended up with some on the floor...added to the puddles that were already there. The placement would've been perfect if I'd been trying to piss through a hard-on!

God - or Nature, if you prefer - planned well in providing us the ability, just like a Canon Sureshot, to point and shoot, whether we're taking a leak...

or blowing a load of jizz...

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