Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

Don't Deny Your Dick

I am left wondering how - and why - a grown man would continue to deny his natural instincts and urges. I met a men several years ago who was caring for his invalid mother. That's to be commended. He took her to Mass almost everyday. When she could no longer go, he continued on his own. Nothing to be ashamed of. But through all of this, he denied his sexual self.

His mother passed away a few months ago and I thought he would break out of his shell. Instead, he's gone further into it. How does he continue to deny satisfying a good, solid boner? He uses the daily trek to church - which tells him it's wrong, it's bad, it's dirty. Now he's planning to become a Deacon in that very same church - he even bought a house directly across from the church. Why is my question.

He's in his mid-40's, completely on his own now - doesn't have to worry that his mom might see his wood, or hear him moaning as he strokes his cock, or nears blowing his load. Yet he still fights those natural, normal urges to get his nuts off.

He certainly isn't doing himself any favors. Not mentally and certainly not physically. Folks, as my sister iterated last night, it's normal - it's a natural thing that our bodies do. They want the release. They need the release.

Nature has provided a wonderful tool for our pleasure... Enjoy that boner. Celebrate it. Lovingly stroke that steel-hard rod when it stands up and asks for release. Revel in it. Bask in the hardness, in the dripping, oozing pre-cum, the shooting geysers of jizz.

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