Kamis, 07 Maret 2013


I don't know why this popped to mind but, what the hell... Here it is, I may as well post about it.

A couple years ago my sister was relating a conversation she'd had with our mother and an aunt (our mother's youngest sister). My aunt allowed how, since my uncle had passed away, she missed the sex. My sister, divorced for many years now and no FWB in sight, said she did too. My mother on the other hand - even though my dad was still living at the time - said she didn't miss it at all. I can't remember what my sister said this meant to her, but to me it meant my dad wasn't much of a cocksman. Not at all, at all...

Now, I know that his parents were raised with Victorian morals and that means he didn't get any kind of an education. Which is most likely why my brother and I got no information about our cocks. Yes, the country ripped through the rebelling Roaring 20's in response to the Victorian Age, but my folks weren't even teens yet and then the Depression hit and things got quite conservative again. There certainly wasn't any bud jacking going on - at least not that anyone would or could admit to.

But, you don't become even adequate in the sex department without some instruction - even if it's self-taught learning. Evidently, my dad didn't do any of that either or he would've learned how to make sure his wife got satisfied ... He would've learned how to make himself stay hard long enough... before he blew his load.

And that is one of the very useful things a guy can learn by whacking off - particularly if one uses a sleeve, or thrusts his boned-up cock into a well-lubed hand on a regular basis: Control. It's a position I used a lot when I was jacking off. I'd lie on my stomach with a hand wrapped around my dick and hump away. When I felt myself approaching the Point of No Return, I'd stop and lie still until my man-berries lowered and my stiffy softened a little bit, then I'd start thrusting again. I was able to do this over and over until my balls felt like they'd fall off if I stood up. Then I'd turn over and stroke furiously until I spewed my hot, slippery jizz all over myself.

Practice makes perfect, guys. And there's no better practice than jacking off. So, bone up, stroke that stiffy, and cum. Often.

If anyone makes a nasty remark, tell them you're just practicing your cocksmanship!

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