Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Best Wood

Fellow blogger Queer Heaven (link in the side bar) reminds me in his post of this morning how great it feels to wake up with a boner. I do think my morning wood is my favorite - especially when it's so hard it feels like there's a steel rod running up the middle of it.

Such was the case this morning. It always feels so good to grind it into the mattress for a while, then maybe roll over and give it some slow, sensuous strokes, massage and squeeze my nuts a few times. It's my daily reminder of how great it is to be a man.

Then I wander to the bathroom to take my morning whizz, which is always done in the shower when my cock is that hard. It'll subside a bit, but it always takes a good twenty to thirty minutes before the boner is completely gone.

I'm sort of pressed for time this morning, so I'll leave you with thoughts of morning boners and spontaneous wood and how wonderful they all feel.

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