Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Universal Nature of Man III

Of course, it feels good to take a leak when we need to - especially when you have to piss so badly you'll whip your dick out no matter where you are or who might be around with a camera in hand. It's happened to me on a road trip with the wife and her girlfriend and the friend snuck around and snapped the picture. So, yeah, there is a certain amount of enjoyment from that function of relief. And, granted, there are people who really get off on it.

But, for the most part, man's true common bond comes from the rest of what our cocks do. Even when they're beginning to fill up - a semi-hard-on can come on unexpectedly - the sensations are enjoyable...

Our cocks all behave the same and the enjoyment we get out of those reactions is universal.

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