Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

(Got) More Pre-Cum?

Well, now... Where to begin. The bulbourethral glands, commonly known as Cowper's glands, are tiny dual bulbs situated on either side of the prostate. They produce pre-ejaculate, or pre-cum. Contrary to populate belief, the function is to lubricate the urethra and neutralize any acidic properties within it. This allows semen to move more easily and rapidly and promote the viability and motility of sperm.

To answer Amanda's question... According to Arthur Goldstein, a contributing urologist with All Experts, there is no proven way to manually manipulate the glands into producing more fluid - it is simply a matter of the size of the glands and the height of arousal. An interesting side note - he states the more often a man cums the less precum he'll produce. I personally have not found this to be the case. My cock will drool just as much whether I cum every day or wait a couple days in between.

But, don't dismay. Given the location of these tiny wonders, it should be possible to massage them. The longer a guy is aroused, the more excited he gets, the more precum he should produce. Give it a try - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You get to play with his cock more, he gets the enjoyment of it.

Which brings us to our Faithful Readers question about the use of Pygeum - which is thought to (and used to) increase the amount of precum and cum.

My Faithful Reader may have misinterpreted what he was reading. Studies conducted have shown this to reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Medscape published this: "Patients who choose to try pygeum should be counseled that it is for mild to moderate symptoms of BPH, that they must first visit a physician to rule out prostate cancer, and that the recommended dosage is 100-200 mg of standardized extract given in one or two doses daily. Patients should also be informed that it may take several weeks for a benefit to be seen, that the treatment is symptomatic only and will not shrink the prostate gland, and that there may be gastrointestinal adverse effects." (It may cause excess gas and/or diarrhea.) 

Additionally, there are no long-term adverse effects of using the supplement. "No drug interactions involving pygeum or sitosterol have been reported. No contraindications are known to exist."

Amanda, you may want to have your guy start taking this supplement and see if manual massage at the very base of his cock helps to promote production. And feel free to report back to us!

My Faithful Reader can now feel free to begin (or continue) use of Pygeum to assist in the production of precum and cum.

Along with prolonged stimulation and heightened arousal, the results should be satisfactory. And, as I stated earlier in the prostate series, if not... You can always try some lube to increase your enjoyment!


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