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Get It Slick

Considering yesterday's post, I thought one on Lube might be in order. Many men don't produce much pre-cum at all - and it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's why the lubricant industry has exploded - to help us enjoy our hard throbbing peckers to explosion in more comfort. Even us dudes who produce buckets of pre sometimes like to add to the fun - because today's lubes offer all kinds of options like flavors and cooling and warming sensations. If we're going to use a FleshJack or other jack off sleeve, at least a little bit more lube is necessary.

But, lube has come a long way since the days of the doctor handing a patient a tube of KY Jelly, or having to ask a pharmacist for it (back in the day all things "sex" were kept behind the counter). There are more types and brands on the market than you could shake a stiff dick at. So, how to choose?

What we usually want in masturbation, is the feeling of sex; the sensation of our cocks gliding through wetness and warmth. We want a natural, realistic feel - something that comes as close to nature as possible, one that mimics pre-cum or the lubrication we experience when we dip our sticks into a ready well.

WET, has been around for quite a few years now and was first marketed to the gay community. It's probably one of the best and most trusted. One called EROS is more expensive, and it's very "realistic" in its slickness. Astroglide is another lube that was brought to market via the gay community. The latest KY selections are all good - after all they're the oldest personal lube manufacturer around - they know their slick dicks! All can be used for a good, long jacking off though re-application is going to be necessary. Just as with natural pre-cum, the skin of our dicks (and hands) soak it up along with the air having a drying effect. Cleaning these types of (water based) lubes is fairly easy and sometimes not even needed at all. Another good feature about them, they're readily available - pretty much everywhere - even in Walmart!

There are quite a few lubes made especially for whacking the willy. Most contain silicone or are oil-based and they're typically very greasy - it's like grabbing a handful of Crisco and spreading it over your cock. Consequently, clean up is not easy; you'll need plenty of soap and water. Plus, you'll pretty much have to find them online or in an adult novelty store. These are not safe to use with latex condoms. If there's a chance a buddy jack off could turn into buddy fucking - keep these types of lube in the drawer!

A lot of the guys over at BateWorld really like Albolene for stroking away. They say it's long-lasting, silky smooth and slick. You can find this online, at your local pharmacy (like CVS and Walgreen) or in beauty supply stores - because it's a moisturizing make-up remover. It's paste-like and liquifies on contact with.  I don't really know if this is safe with condoms, folks...but, I wouldn't chance it. So, if you're planning of a get-together with a bunch of guys and there is even the slightest chance of dipping your wick into any [living] hole, leave the Albolene in the cupboard.

You may be like SpongeBob here...

But you don't have to!
So, whether you (or your partner) are a steady-stream leaker

or nary-a-drop kind of guy

get some lube and enjoy yourselves.

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