Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Love That Wood!

My wife comes home and regales me with an anecdote about a pregnant co-worker. She and her husband had gone in for a sonogram. The technician asked if they'd like to know the gender of the baby. After an afirmative reply, she began moving the wand from one side to the other. Then smiling, she told them, "Oh, there we go! It's a boy. And he's happily playing with himself in there!"

No matter our age, we guys sure enjoy our cocks, don't we? The way they look and feel. We love the sensations we get from them when they start to get the least bit hard. Hell, we'd play with them 24/7 if we could!

Ladies, if the clitoris was placed outside the body you might understand our fascination. Seeing them twitch as they lengthen and thicken can be mesmerising.

If we're paying attention, every movement our lower half makes registers in our dicks. The material of our pants slides across the head or rubs along the shaft. When those wonderful BOEs (Blood Oxygen Boners) pop up the sensations intensify.

Before we hit puberty we're aware of our hard-ons and we like the way they feel. But, when puberty hits, our balls drop further down and begin to flood our bodies with testosterone, our dicks really get their freak on. Raging rods strain to get out of our pants, pulsing and twitching and leaking pre-cum, they throb and get harder with any tiny touch. And it all feels so fucking good!

Well, we're looking to recreate that over and over again. Within any sexual activity, this is more than half the fun. Thrusting, stroking, playing, teasing, making it get harder and harder, the throb from the beat of our pulse... We feel a sense of... power in them. There's almost no better feeling than a powerful, full-to-the-max, rip-roaring, raging, swaying, hard-on. Then add in the mix of our man-berries, the tremors in them as they bounce and sway, as they pull up and we coax them back down.

So, Ladies, the next time you're laying there as he thrusts, or sucking and stroking, wondering 'why, for God's sake, doesn't he cum, already!' now you know. We put off orgasm for as long as we possibly can because we enjoy the feel of our boners so much.



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