Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Honor Their Sacrifices

The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

...because, no matter where they are in the world, they get boners that need care, too!

On this date in 1941, the United States, although it had been supporting the Allied Countries with money, supplies, weapons, and ammunition, the country was pulled into World War II by the sneak attack bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (a U.S. Territory at the time). Thousands killed and wounded. One of my very own cousins went down in the Arizona. I hope you will all take a moment to remember what the members of our militaries do to protect us and protect our freedoms. They put their very lives on the line. Yet, they are men with all the urges and needs the rest of us guys have. They deserve the respect and admiration and thanks of all of us. Thank you guys...

Very well, then. Carry on...

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