Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Happy Blogiversary

Today, oddly enough, marks two full years of The Big Whack Attack blog. I really get overwhelmed when I think of how far this has come. The number of Faithful Readers who've discovered and joined is beyond my original expectations. The people - my fellow bloggers and Faithful Readers - who've become my friends over these past months fill me with joy! We may not have ever actually met, but I feel we've come to know one another. I cherish that.

I hope I've managed to entertain you all as I tried to provide information about Man's Favorite Toys. In doing research to answer questions some of you have posed, I've learned an awful lot and I hope you all have as well.

Now, should we all survive the Mayan predictions (grin), I'll be back next week after Christmas. May you all have a wonderful weekend. Have a lovely, peaceful, Christmas (if that is your belief) and enjoy the day with friends and family! And remember to take time out to enjoy what nature has provided for your pleasure!


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