Senin, 03 Desember 2012

Ground Nuts

So, it was a decent weekend for me until yesterday evening when... Well, nevermind that. I think a friend of mine had a worse event compared to what happened to me. He sat on a nut. Yeah, you read that correctly - he sat on one of his balls! And smashed the hell out of it. Heavy, heavy trauma to that man-berry... He sat down on it so hard, it damn near burst.

I admit it was snarkey to tell him maybe he needed to lighten their burden a little more often - but, honest, I was just trying to make him laugh. He's got a pair of really heavy, large, low-hangers. And he was freeballing in a pair of very large, baggy gym shorts. Those aren't going to keep The Boys out of harms way.

Moral of that story, as I told him, is sure, going commando feels great until you either, A. Smash a nut - or both, or B. Get your cock snagged in a zipper. And over the years I've done both. Getting the skin of your dick caught in a zipper (especially the head) is painful, but not nearly as bad as squashing a nut. If you're going to insist on walking around with your goods swaying free in those type of shorts (which he does all the time),  you need to pay extra attention to your balls; when you go to sit down, lift them out of the way!

He's going to be out of commission for quite a while now. Not because he won't be able to get a hard-on, but any kind of sexual activity is going to hurt like a motherfucker! Not even cupping his balls to keep them from bouncing is going to help - because when he's about to shoot the pain of his balls pulling up will probably be enough to make him pass out!

Be kind to your balls, guys. They can provide lots and lots of pleasure (we so love ball play, don't we?) but when they get hurt - especially this badly - the pain is... well, it's impossible to describe. Take good care of your packages, guys! Treat them with the kindness they deserve and they'll serve you well.

If you're gonna freeball - like most of us like to do at least from time to time - be careful!

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