Senin, 05 November 2012

It's Growing

A men's health movement, which started in Australia, has been sweeping around the globe like a hard heat-seeking cock! It's called "Movember" and it's dedicated to bringing more awareness to prostate and testicular cancer.

What happens is this: Men grow out their mustache (or in Brit & Aussie parlance: Moustache) to show their support for men. It also raises money for those causes. Here's the U.S. website - brought to us by Faithful Reader Amanda! We thank her for this very important contribution!

Join the movement by registering, donate, get involved in events, even win prizes!!! You'll be helping your brothers around the globe fight prostate and ball cancer. And that, my Faithful Readers, is always a worthy cause!
So go sign up and then start growing that hair.


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