Kamis, 08 November 2012


... to read.

Well, that should be quite evident by now. What with Matthew Darringer Writes (though you need to email him and ask to be included) who writes some very excellent novel-length fiction... and Horny Fiction where you can read lots and lots of hot erotic short stories both being in my blog roll, it's obvious I like to read erotic fiction too! And, of course, there's my buddy, Paul Atreides, who just published his first novel - the very humorous (Marvin's) World of Deadheads. Now, he writes a bit of erotic fiction himself, but he's never published any of it. Maybe he keeps it to himself for fuel.

But, speaking of him, he's getting depressed because the book isn't selling. Though I tell him these things take time to build up (like a good edging session!), he's still pretty down in the dumps about it. I've added the book in the side bar - it links directly to Amazon where you can get the print version for a mere $11 or the Kindle for a measley $3. Come on guys! make him feel better and go out and purchase it.

I'd reach out and give him a nice long, toe-curling orgasm to make him feel better... But, that's not the kind of relationship we have. I mean, we're both open about solo time but we don't share it.

Anyway, lend a hand of support. It'd be just as if you'd wrapped your hand around his cock (it's a nice one - I've seen it!) and given him a nice slow, satisfying, body drenching hand job. His smile would be just as big!


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